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Employee Clock IN/OUT Options

Data Collection - Gathering employee punches can be accomplished in a variety of ways, or in other words, through a number of different types of time clocks. You may already have an idea of what "method" you'd prefer to use to collect your employee's punches. General methods for gathering employee punches include:

Fingerprnt Scan

Fingerprint  Increase employee accountability and prevent fraudulent clock-in's known as buddy punching with state of the art Biometrics scanner.

Over the Web

Over the Web  An internet based solution that allows employees to clock in/out or view their time card conveniently over a web browser.

Pin or Badge Swipe

Pin or Badge Swipe  Our systems support mag-stripe badge cards, PIN numbers, and barcode* cards to record employee time punch data.

Proximity Badge

Proximity Badge  Universal proximity badge support allowing employers to integrate our time clock with their already existing proximity system.

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About - Timeclocks Etc a time & attendance solution company

We believe in long-lasting and trustworthy business relationships.

Payroll Etc Ltd, dba Timeclocks Etc is a locally owned and operated company with professional and responsive local customer service associates and represents Swipeclock, one of the most well know timeclock brands in the nation. The company has become one of the most recognized names in the industry in West Texas. Timeclocks Etc is proud to call many of the region’s well recognized companies and not-for-profit organizations its clients.

Timeclocks Etc., founded by Charlie Jones, a New Mexico State University MBA graduate and payroll industry professional, Charlie always considered the business as a “win, win, win” situation.

Charlie Jones and his team believe that building long-lasting and trustworthy business relationships is essential to success in business. Timeclocks Etc. and its staff members are constantly striving to find solutions that provide the greatest cost and time savings for clients. They are committed to quality and personal attention. The philosophy of “give more than expected” is also core to the success of Timeclocks Etc.

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